vendredi 7 août 2009

Relaxing Wildlife ...

Wapitis in front of the Banff Church !

Ground squirrel at sunshine meadows ... do not disturb my area please !

Let me sleep ... I have a big headache today !

Plif ... Plaf ... incognito !

I can't go higher !

Mummy, Daddy, ... come on, it's so funny to climb the rockies !

What's wrong with this tree ?

1 commentaire:

  1. yeh!!! I have all understand
    your picturs are wonderful.

    we are on the beach at grau d'agde. it's very sunny et warm but the sea is cold (only 19/20°) but I swim like a fish in the sea yeh !!!!

    I think you're fine.
    So I leave you, because we are going on the beach

    Big kisses ....